MS-DOS Function Calls - 2

Required reading: Chapter 13

1. Write a program that inputs a string using DOS function 0Ah. Limit the input to ten characters. Redisplay the string backwards. Solution program .

2. Write a program that inputs a string of up to 80 characters using DOS function 3Fh. After the input, display a count on the screen of the actual number of characters typed by the user. Solution program.

3. Write a program that inputs the month, day, and year from the user. Use the values to set the system date with DOS function 2Bh. Hint: Use the Readint function from the book's link library to input the integer values. (Under Windows NT/200, you must have administrator privileges to run this program.) Solution program.

4. Write a program that uses DOS function 2Ah to get and display the system date. Use the following display format: yyyy-m-d. Solution program .