Assembly Language Workbook



Use the Workbook Now

Welcome to the Assembly Language Workbook, written by Kip R. Irvine to serve as a supplement to Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers (Prentice-Hall). By combining my book with the workbook exercises, you should have an even greater chance of success in your Assembly Language course. Of course, there is still no substitute for having a knowledgeable, helpful instructor when you are learning a programming language. The lessons are placed in a more-or-less logical order from easy to difficult. For example, you should start with the following topics:

  • Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers
  • Signed Integers
  • Floating-Point Binary
  • Register and Immediate Operands
  • Addition and Subtraction Instructions

Many of the topics begin with a tutorial and are followed by a set of related exercises. Each exercise page is accompanied by a corresponding page with all of the answers. Of course, you should try to do the exercises first, without looking at the answers!

In addition to the tutorials found here, you may want to look at the Supplemental Articles page on this Web site.

If you think you've found a mistake, verify it with your instructor, and if it needs correcting, post a message to the book's discussion group.

Download the workbook as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file (1/15/2003)